Want Yard Decorating Ideas for Summer? Here’s 12 We Love

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12 Yard Decorating Ideas for Summer We Love

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. If you are searching for some fun, easy, and inexpensive yard decorating ideas for summer, consider the ideas below. 

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yard decorating ideas for summer



For Whimsical Yard Decor

Your whimsical garden is free-spirited and full of life. Colorful and light hearted- it’s a combination of something playful, fanciful, amusing, and certainly appealing.


Birdcage Hanging Planter

Greenery and bright flowers always add to the ambiance, but creative planters can take things to the next level. Look for a vintage bird cage, or even buy one new and use it as a whimsical hanging planter.


DIY End Table

These DIY end tables can be made with reclaimed items found at flea markets and garage sales. All you need is 2 drawers the same size, and depending on the size of the drawers, 2 to 4 table legs the same size. If you have more advanced carpentry skills, you may be able to pull this off with mismatched pieces. Paint as you wish and use as an end table, game table, or planter.


Outdoor Art

Art isn’t only for indoor decoration! When placed outdoors you need to make sure that your art is weather resistant. These multi-colored hoops come in vibrant colors and whimsical designs. Cut from outdoor-friendly steel, they can decorate your yard regardless of the weather.

outdoor metal art


For Romantic Yard Decor

Your romantic garden sets the mood of love and sweet bliss. It’s that perfect setting of soft, pale colors in the backdrop of a romantic lip locking film scene.


Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor lights are no longer just for the holidays. Clear or white outdoor lights add enough light to cast a romantic glow. Wrap these lights around tree branches, or use them to frame your porch.


Elegant Draping

An inexpensive way to add romance to your porch, balcony, or gazebo is to drape some tulle. Tulle is inexpensive, comes in many colors, and when cut does not fray, making this a no-sew craft project. Tulle is also sheer enough to allow in light, even when draped in several layers.

romantic yard decor


Outdoor Daybed

Instead of investing in traditional outdoor seating, consider an outdoor daybed. This is a versatile option you can use for seating when entertaining friends, and as a romantic place to cuddle when it is just the two of you.


For Zen Yard Decor

Your garden inspires feelings of serenity and peace; it’s the doorway to meditation. You can come here to escape the worries of life, and cultivate your inner strength.


Spiral Garden

Gather some rocks from the beach, your yard, or from nature trails and use them to create a Zen-like spiral. The spiral is not only naturally relaxing, but it acts as a plant or herb divider. Use large rocks as in the photo below/above, or create the same effect with layers of small rocks.


Add A Water Element

It would be a dream to have a stream running through your backyard, or to be able to enjoy a lake front or beach front view. For those of us who don’t live near or on the water, adding a tranquil water element is an excellent alternative. Consider a birdbath, small pond, or a water fountain.


Outdoor Meditation Area

While you can enjoy meditation and yoga on the lawn, you might want a designated and uniform meditation space. A meditation platform can be built with reclaimed or new wood, and is a fairly easy DIY project. When not in use, it can double as an additional seating area.

zen yard decor


For Bold Yard Decor

Your bold garden is vibrantly colorful and throws no caution to the wind. You can find bold and playful mixes of unique flowers, patterns or decor that adds eye-catching curb appeal.


Screen Magnets

Screen doors and window screens are fairly plain, but they need not be. Simply add some decorative screen magnets in vibrant summer colors, and your screen door is no longer an eye sore. Made from weather resistant steel, these magnets can stay on your screens all year-round.

Vibrant Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor upholstery allows you to decorate your outdoor living spaces just as comfortably as your indoor rooms. Select spring and summer colors that might be a bit too loud if placed indoors. The contrast between the greenery and your bright patterns and colors is eye-catching.

bold decor ideas


Patterned Outdoor Dining Wear

If you prefer to keep your patio fairly neutral, you can still liven things up with patterned or bright outdoor dining wear. Opt for plastic table settings that are easy to transport in and out of the house as needed, and that won’t break if accidentally dropped.


Here’s What Our Favorite Garden Bloggers Had to Say

Combine color, function and beauty in one. There are many edible landscaping options that introduce color, texture and beautiful foliage into your yard, like most varieties of herbs, blueberries, strawberries, cabbages, edible flowers and so many more. It’s good budget-sense to purchase plants that will make your yard and garden gorgeous while providing healthy fare for the table.

Glenda // Busy at Home

Light up a pathway or an outdoor entertaining space with these DIY Mason Jar Solar lights. They are easy to make with a mason jar and a store-bought solar stake light. See how Stephanie makes them here: http://gardentherapy.ca/mason-jar-solar-lights/

Stephanie // Garden Therapy


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