Completing the Look: Room Decor Theme Details

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Room Decor Theme Details for your Favorite Home Styles

Perfecting small room details

Want to make sure your guests feel immersed with your decor? Take a look at three different room decor theme details that we love! DIY or buy local, create the space you want:


Under The Sea

Bring the beach to your home! Dive head first this summer into your own oasis . Small details like this fishing net can be draped over frames, line a fireplace or fill in book shelf space. Add some sea shells or create a driftwood piece and you have the perfect detail.

under the sea room decor theme details

To complete this fishnet wall decor look, get the full details here. Find more of our favorite nautical theme ideas, visit here.

How can we help? Add some under the sea flair to a place where you might neglect- your windows! Our tropical fish screen magnets can brighten up a boring screen door or window and add a pop of color.



Bring the desert inside and keep the heat out! Cacti are super easy to take care of and look adorable in these small planters. DIY and paint your own designs and give your room the pop of color it needs. Succulents, much like cacti don’t require much maintenance and look awesome!

Start a weekend project and decorate your potted plants, find the details here

southwest room decor theme details

southwestern blanket

Blanket from Urban Outfitters

Rugs and blankets like this southwestern inspired duvet showcase focal points of the room and let the smaller details really shine. Light switch plates give a personalized touch to your home. Find our customer favorite, the dancing equestrian switch plate.


Floral Designs

Floral designs will never go out of style. This chic chandelier can be made with fake flowers or save that bouquet you love and hang them upside down to dry out and keep forever. Follow this link to make your own chandelier. Decorate your wall with this hummingbird hoop and let the garden in.

floral room decor theme details

See more awesome ways to get floral hereBring you floral favorites outdoor with our fancy floral metal hoop.

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