50 Awesome Desert Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard Masterpieces

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Live in the desert? Want to save water but feel that traditional desert landscaping is just BLAH?

You are not alone. Many desert dwellers are tired of the crushed granite and cacti look. But at Metallum we say that desert landscaping can be visually beautiful!

Check out our list of 50 desert landscaping ideas for inspiration.

1. A faux rock stream adds visual interest to a plain rock yard.


2. Decomposed granite and some sandstone pavers, placed non-linearly, make for a more “natural” looking yard.


3. Flanking a faux creek bed with succulents and cacti adds green to your desert yard.


4. Line your planters with beautiful succulents. These are on trend and desert happy!


5. A red wood fence looks great as a backdrop to the green cacti and succulents in this yard.


6. Set up some rustic pots and old wooden boxes and fill the pots with colorful succulents. They don’t need much water and they are gorgeous!


7. If you like a more contemporary look, choose a black pot with corners and interesting exotic desert plants.


8. Large dish planters are a great way to keep your cacti and succulents contained while adding visual interest.


9. You can hang many plants vertically on your exterior, perhaps near the front door to add color.


10. Using large gray or black river rock gives your yard a more coastal look, if you want something different than the norm.


11. If you have a lot of ground to cover, don’t be afraid of large planters. Since succulents and cacti don’t use much water, a large colorful garden is possible in the desert.


12. There are succulents and cacti that come in bright colors! You don’t have to settle for dusty green in the desert!


13. This wall of organ pipe cacti would make a great backdrop for a planter of other beautiful desert plants.


14. Another use of organ pipe cacti, combined with gorgeous old pots and mesquite trees.


15. Bougainvillea is a brightly colored flower that doesn’t need much water.


16. If you are lucky enough to have a long walk in the front yard, set up comfortable chairs and xeriscape under the trees.


17. A more structured look can give your yard artistic and eye catching. Use different colors of landscaping rock and get creative!


18. Developed desert landscaping can be extremely beautiful. If you are lucky enough to have large cacti, take care of it.


19. If you are craving simplicity, bougainvillea comes in many different colors and can be trimmed to almost any shape.


20. Railroad ties and pea gravel make an excellent, water resistant walk. Flanked with succulents and it looks amazing!


21. A well placed mesquite or palo verde tree can provide shade and be an excellent backdrop for your yard.


22. If you have a lovely desert view, make sure your plants are small enough to keep from blocking it. Your view is your greatest asset!


23. Don’t be afraid of flowers in a desert garden. There are many hearty blooms to choose from.


24. These are all drought tolerant plants, and your bougainvillea can be trimmed to look like a small tree.


25. If you want to go monochromatic, varying shades of green is very pretty and on trend.


26. Orange trees need a little more water, but are heat resistant and can be groomed to fit most yards.


27. Pattern your succulents!


28. Mix plants that need a little more water with plants that need very little to get that lushness you are craving.


29. If you crave a colorful Santa Fe styling, this beautiful mosaic takes your walkways from bland to fun!


30. Don’t be afraid of adding your personal style to your walkways and paths.


31. If you don’t plan to use your yard as a living space, building a rock and cacti garden using colorful sandstone is a great option.


32. Spiraled agave is a gorgeous plant for any yard.


33. This is a metal lantern in the shape of a barrel cactus. A great example of using metal work to enhance the look of your yard.


34. Get creative with your pots and bring visual interest and color to your space.


35. Modern landscaping can be done with desert styling and look fabulous!


36. A water feature is a great way to bring the soothing feel of water to your space without actually wasting water.


37. Achieve a Zen garden using desert landscaping


38. Agave is a very popular plant in the desert because of its visual interest and water hardiness.


39. Succulent color!


40. Cacti in bloom!


41. Go easy on the plants if you have a lovely home or architectural features to show off.


42. A rustic bench in a little corner reminds us of quiet reflection.


43. Lavender and sage green go together beautifully, and there are many desert plants with lavender blooms.


44. Rustic and serene styling is easily done in the desert!


45. Don’t be afraid to go minimal if you have architecture to back it up!


46. Dress up your desert space with a patterned walkways and some comfortable furniture.


47. Color color color!


49. If you prefer a more tropical feel, there are a surprising amount of desert plants that can mimic the tropical look.


50. Dress up that front door!


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