Decorate a Beach Themed Bathroom for Less Than $100

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Ocean Themed Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Bathroom Makeover

While beach themed decor might be a bit much to commit to throughout your home, an easy way to liven up a room is with an ocean-themed bathroom. Beachy bathroom décor is not only fun, but easy to make yourself over the weekend.

Below are some beach-inspired decorating ideas. Get creative! Good decor does not mean expensive, we’ve included items that are well within a budget that both your wallet, and your husband, can appreciate.


Add Sand

Don’t worry—the sand is not for the floors!

Instead, add the sand to a decorative vase or jar to create a unique look. Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can find decorative sand at your local craft store. You can layer natural elements, like shells and rocks, on top of the sand or layer the sand bed with decorative candles.

Total Cost: >$10


Beach Inspired Wall Art

Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Go to your local store to find unused pallets. Add coordinates to your favorite beaches!

Next time you head to the beach, pick up driftwood, seashells, and small rocks you can use to create your own wall art. Leave them in their natural state, paint them white, or paint as you wish. Then, glue these items inside of a shadow box for a beachy feel.

For a more uniform shape and size, you can pick up these same items at your local craft store. Put the kids to work by sending them out in the park or backyard to find branches of all shapes and coloring. To get the water washed driftwood look, try sanding the sticks down with fine sandpaper.

Total Cost: $10-$20

Beachy Mosaic

Beach bathroom

Mermaid mosaic with stained glass

Next time you are at your favorite thrift store, keep your eye out for aqua-colored or sea glass-inspired plates that can be used for a bathroom mosaic. Your mosaic could be added to an oversized seashell, a large vase, a custom vanity, or storage unit.

If you don’t spot any beach-inspired colored glass at your local thrift store, here’s a pro tip. Use clear glass and spray paint one side, use the other side with the glossy finish to create your mosaic.

Another great DIY sea-inspired mosaic? Go to your local paint or hardware store to collect paint chips of beachy colors. These can be arranged to create mosaics or wall art.

Total Cost: >$10


Sea-Inspired Bathroom Switch Plates

Coral reef switch plate

Coral reef switch plate

Bathrooms, typically, don’t have a lot of wall space, so the little details make all the difference. While it may not be DIY, sea-inspired bathroom switch plates are an excellent way to add to the beach theme on a dime. 

Total Cost: $20-$25


Nautical Knots

If you are searching for a creative way to decorate a storage basket, trash can, or even your walls, learn how to tie a few decorative nautical knots. You can do this with repurposed rope and twine for a more weathered and worn look, or buy brand new rope in the material and color you prefer.

Here’s a knot we love that takes less than five minutes. Take it a step further by dip dying your rope! Use RIT from your local craft store to create a weathered look.

Total Cost: $10-$15


Ocean-Themed Mobile

If you are searching for an ocean-themed idea for a bathroom with minimal wall space, consider hanging a DIY mobile in front of the window. You can make the mobile out of painted crochet hoops from which you hang sea shells, fishing tackle, small pieces of driftwood, and seaglass. The mobile is perfect, because it won’t block your view, but will add to the beachy vibe.

Total Cost: $10

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Allow these ocean bathroom decorating ideas to help you get headed in the right direction. See something you’d like to try, send us photos from your beach themed bathroom decor!

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