40 Garden & Exterior Wall Decor Ideas

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40 Shoestring Budget Ideas for Your Garden and Exterior Wall Decor

Making your garden look like the outdoor escape you desire doesn’t have to be expensive. At Metallum Creations, we offer you some inexpensive garden décor, but now you may be searching for some DIY ideas as well. If you are on a shoestring budget, but want your garden to look exceptional, turn to the decorating tips below.

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  1. Add extra lighting with outdoor holiday string lights.
  2. Create DIY lamps or lanterns out of mason jars or wine bottles.
  3. Turn used soup cans into creative candle holders.
  4. Hand paint rocks or planters to add a personal touch. 
  5. Turn an old stump into a planter box.
  6. Head to garage sales and thrift stores to find cheap garden décor.
  7. Make a surprisingly simply DIY outdoor water element—mini pond, fountain, bird bath.
  8. Make your own mason jar hanging planters.
  9. Create an upcycled sculpture.
  10. Make a gourde bird house.
  11. Make your own bird feeder.
  12. Turn your chipped or broken dishes into an artful mosaic.
  13. Turn old wooden frames into exterior wall decor.
  14. Transform old doors into anything you like—a table, a bench, or even a shed.
  15. Build your own fire pit.
  16. Crochet a hammock.
  17. Create a vertical garden.
  18. Recover thrift store throw pillows with outdoor fabric.
  19. Add a curtain to your patio for privacy.
  20. Create an arch, ceiling, or partial wall from lattice.
  21. Save bottle caps to create custom garden art.
  22. Head to your local flea market to find outdoor furniture that can be refinished and refurbished.
  23. Plant your fresh herbs between the spokes of an old bicycle wheel.
  24. Turn red clay pots into anything you can imagine!
  25. Build your own garden beds from wood scraps.
  26. Use mismatched teacups or antique bowls to grow small flowers and plants.
  27. Create outdoor shelves out of wood scraps.
  28. Create your own DIY concrete planters and garden art.
  29. Turn chicken coop wire into an artful display.
  30. Turn an old ladder into a vertical planter.
  31. Create your own wind chimes from recycled materials—wood, metal, plastic.
  32. Create your own pathway made from wood stumps or outdoor rocks.
  33. Make a decorative orb from embroidery hoops.
  34. Create a DIY outdoor screen from old windows or doors.
  35. Add outdoor drapery for drama and style.
  36. Make your own garden hose storage from an old metal bin or basket.
  37. Make a beautiful DIY rain barrel.
  38. Upcycle tires with custom tire art.
  39. Create a mini Japanese garden.
  40. Make your own seasonal garden décor.


Allow these shoestring budget gardening ideas to serve as inspiration. You can even find a way to add a Metallum Creation to your DIY garden projects!


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