50 Awesome Desert Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard Masterpieces

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Live in the desert? Want to save water but feel that traditional desert landscaping is just BLAH? You are not alone. Many desert dwellers are tired of the crushed granite and cacti look. But at Metallum we say that desert landscaping can be visually beautiful! Check out our list of 50 desert landscaping ideas for… [read more]

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Completing the Look: Room Decor Theme Details

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Room Decor Theme Details for your Favorite Home Styles Perfecting small room details Want to make sure your guests feel immersed with your decor? Take a look at three different room decor theme details that we love! DIY or buy local, create the space you want:   Under The Sea Bring the beach to your… [read more]

yard decorating ideas for summer

Want Yard Decorating Ideas for Summer? Here’s 12 We Love

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  12 Yard Decorating Ideas for Summer We Love Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. If you are searching for some fun, easy, and inexpensive yard decorating ideas for summer, consider the ideas below.  Click on each decor idea to link to our pinterest page for more details!     For Whimsical Yard… [read more]

Decorate a Beach Themed Bathroom for Less Than $100

Decorate a Beach Themed Bathroom for Less Than $100

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Ocean Themed Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Bathroom Makeover While beach themed decor might be a bit much to commit to throughout your home, an easy way to liven up a room is with an ocean-themed bathroom. Beachy bathroom décor is not only fun, but easy to make yourself over the weekend. Below are some beach-inspired… [read more]

Exterior Wall Decor

40 Garden & Exterior Wall Decor Ideas

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40 Shoestring Budget Ideas for Your Garden and Exterior Wall Decor Making your garden look like the outdoor escape you desire doesn’t have to be expensive. At Metallum Creations, we offer you some inexpensive garden décor, but now you may be searching for some DIY ideas as well. If you are on a shoestring budget, but… [read more]

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Holiday Gift Giving- 3 Gifts Under $15

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The holidays are approaching. Are you the gift giver that plans months in advance, or do you tend to wait until the last minute each year? No matter your approach to the gift giving season, now is the time to act fast before the stores become more and more busy. Better yet, instead of braving… [read more]

3 Home Decor Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows - Metallum Creations

3 Home Decor Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows

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When it comes to home décor, you are sure to be searching for a look that is both stylish and unique. While the primary features and function of each room are sure to be top of mind, it is the small accents and details that help you take things to the next level. If you… [read more]